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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Meet John Duggan

John Duggan. Photo Courtesy Kitty Kennedy

John is from Augusta, Georgia and is 24 years old.  In 2013 he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia with a double major in History and Anthropology and a minor in Classical Culture.   This is his second year at the Old Vero Ice Age Dig.

In June 2012 he began his fieldwork experience excavating at Poggio Civitate in Murlo, Italy. He continued working there each summer for the next 3 years giving him most of his research and field experience in college.  He learned how to collect data in the field at this early Roman Etruscan dig.  He will be going back again this summer.

 After graduating in 2013 he was looking for Archaeology jobs and heard about the dig in Vero Beach through Mercyhurst University, he applied and here he is. This was his first field experience in both prehistoric and Paleo-Indian archaeology

“Archaeology is a very detailed discipline that deals with finding and collecting data.”  At Mercyhurst Archaeology Institute at Mercyhurst University, no one does a better job.  We get one shot at a site to collect as much data as we can and Mercyhurst University is well known for its attention to detail. It’s one thing to tell people what we find, but the way we excavate we can show them what we find.  No one has to just take our word.  Logistically it can be difficult collecting such detailed data, but it’s what they are known for.”

What does John find interesting about the Old Vero Ice Age Site?  “The site is interesting as one of the early Pale-Indian sites, existing before it was accepted how old the people were in the Americas.  It was a controversy when Dr. Sellards came up with his findings 100 years ago.  There is good evidence that suggests people were here 13,000 years ago and older, but we’re still not quite there in terms of proving it.”

And in John’s future, “I want to attend graduate school in the fall and get a Masters and PhD in Archaeology. I want to teach and do research.”




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