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Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

Why Support Us?

The Vero Man site is the most extensive Paleoindian excavation currently underway in all of North America.

The discovery of a human artifact from 11,000 years ago (complete Clovis point southwest of the site) positively demonstrates the contemporaneous presence of humans and late Pleistocene animals in Indian River County. A concentration of different burned materials resting on a 14,000 year layer at the Vero dig site suggests that people made fires and were cooking or perhaps burning refuse in a campsite area farther back in the Pleistocene.

The Vero Man project continues to produce information that will change our understanding of the Ice Age in Indian River County, including cultural habits of early inhabitants, the impact of animal and plant extinctions, and 3 D mapping of the environment of 15,000 years ago.

"We confidently expect, at the very least, to be able, ultimately, to etch in much sharper relief, the interrelationship of human, animal and plant populations upon this once highly controversial part of the ancient Florida landscape."  Dr. James Adovasio, Principle Investigator of the Vero Dig.



How Are The Donations Used

OVIASC is an all volunteer organization and all donations are used for the project.

  • To fund the analysis and dating of the findings of the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Digs in the laboratories of our partners, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) , Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (HBOI) and Indian River State College (IRSC).
  • To initiate analysis of important bones and artifacts found at the Vero Man site within the last one hundred years to be returned to Vero Beach in the care of OVIASC
  • To ensure additional funding for future excavations.

To donate, please follow this link  http://www.oviasc.org/Support-OVIASC.html

Thank you!




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